January 13, 2012

Top 10 Causes of Back Pain

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Back pain is an experience most people will have at some point in their lives. Lower back pain is the most common cause of job-related incapacity and nonattendance from work.  Lower back pain is any type of pain or distress throughout the back portion of your lower trunk area, extending down to your pelvis. The lower back is also referred to as the lumbar area or lumbar spine this type of back pain may last for a short time or it may be long-lasting, which means lasting more than three months. You may feel a gloomy, irritating pain or a sharp, bursting sting. Some pain can be so intense it may cause you to lie in bed unable to move. Severe lower back pain often resolves with simple self-care methods within a few weeks, but it can become chronic and lead to more serious problems over time.

Below are listed a few common reasons for lower back pain

1)      Lower Back Sprain is the most common reasons for back pain. When the ligaments holding bones together are torn from their attachments you just experience a lower back sprain. This usually happens with quick, unexpected movements. This could transpire at work or in a car accident, or playing a weekend sport without properly warming up.

2)      Spinal Subluxations are caused by stress, accidents, and if these injuries are left untreated this will cause you problems; spinal subluxations are misalignments or loss of normal movement in one of the bones in your back.

3)      Trigger Points can cause blistering pain in areas in your muscles when they are pressed on. You know when you have found one because they are very sensitive to touch.

4)       Arthritis is another of the most common reasons for back pain. The type of arthritis most often seen in the spine is Osteoarthritis, sometimes called Degenerative Joint Disease.

5)      Poor Quality Mattress is blamable for more back pain than you can believe. Sleeping on a firm mattress can do wonders in relieving backaches…

6)      Too much sitting puts excessive strain on the muscles of your back often causing Back Pain. This is a common problem in the United States today with so much time being spent sitting at computers, typing on keyboards, playing video games, driving, etc.

7)      Spinal Stenosis is an age-related disease caused when the openings in the spine where the nerves come out of, become smaller. This often causes pain running down the leg (sciatica), which makes walking difficult.

8)      Osteoporosis It is a deteriorating ailment which deteriorates the bone. It is most common in females over fifty, is another of the common reasons for back pain which affects both men and woman as they become older.

9)      Herniated Discs are common reasons for back pain. Most people who have a herniated disc have suffered with back pain for some time. Wear and tear on the spine can weaken the disc, allowing the jelly-like center of the disc to squirt out.

10)   Pregnancy is one of the reasons for back pain that the majority of pregnant women experience. You could gain 25-50 pounds during pregnancy. Most of the weight gain is in the stomach which causes your weight center to shift forward putting strain on your back.

The primary causes of low back pain can be difficult and are not always obvious. This article is aimed at helping patients understand how physicians evaluate the area of pain distribution in helping to diagnose the source of a patient’s low back pain and determine initial treatment options.

Dr. David Kulla

New York City chiropractor and the owner of Synergy Wellness, a wellness clinic specializing in chiropractic, nutrition and massage.

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December 15, 2011

Cares with poisonous animals!

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scorpionSome cares are necessary to avoid accidents with poisonous animals, in some areas in certain time of the year the occurrences arrive to 80% of the assisted cases.

It is important that the people know as proceeding in case of accidents with those encourage.

1 – don’t tie the place of the wound, that action can produce necrosis and it doesn’t avoid the spread of the poison.

2 – in case of accidents with snakes, the affected place should only washed with water and soap and not to pass any other product or medicine.

3 – as for the scorpion sting, the first measure that should be adopted it is to put compresses of lukewarm water on the wound. That will help to relieve the pain.

4 – in case of spider bites and caterpillar burns it is important not to mess in the wound and go to medical service immediately.

What not to do: to cut or to hole the place of the bite to try to extract the poison, to do tourniquets (to tie the place to avoid the sanguine circulation), to try to remove the animal without a qualified professional’s help, not to pass products as butter, creams or other greasy substances in the wound.

It is fundamental that the people follow those recommendations in cases of accidents with poisonous animals and look for, as soon as possible, the medical service. That will guarantee the precocious diagnosis and an effective treatment.


Vet Therapy – Dr. Cynara Campanati

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October 29, 2011

What do your dog really need?

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dogDo you know the real needs of your animal? Most of the people knows, but it is always good to remember. 
To be healthy and happy, your dog need: 
1 – of balanced diet (fresh water and appropriate food, remains of food won’t be enough to assist him daily needs); 
2 – of basic cares (the hygiene is very important to avoid infestation for parasites); 
3 – of exercises (to avoid futures problems of health); 
4 – of bed with clean blanket (protection against high and low temperatures); 
5 – of cares with the hair; 
6 – to be training; 
7 – of cares when you leave of vacations; 
8 – of company (dogs are sociable and they will be unhappy if left alone for a long time); 
9 – if it is necessary to tie the animal, use a long thread of running, fixed currents or strings can be rolled up in the dog and to cause wounds; 
10 – vaccines and vermifuge; 
11 – castration of the animal (all of the years, hundreds of thousands of dogs are sacrificed by there not being appropriate homes in enough number); 
12 – veterinary attendance. 
Source: WSPA 
Vet Therapy – Dra. Cynara Campanati  

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September 30, 2011

6 tips for a fast and easy bath

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dogMany proprietors of dogs like to take care of their animals and inside of the basic cares there are the bath and the care with the hair. 
Here they follow 6 tips for a bath fast, easy and without unexpected: 
If the animal has a short hair: 
1 – in the cold days, the dried bath is an option. Read the instructions of use of the product that you will use before beginning the procedure. Those products are applied in the animal with the help of a cloth, the animal should be dry using the towel or the hair dryer. That kind of bath helps to reduce the odors of the animal, but it doesn’t substitute the bath with water. 
2 – don´t forget to clean the internal part of the ears, use a cotton ball with products of cleaning of ear for animals. 
3 – before wetting the animal you put cotton in the ear to avoid the entrance of water and a possible otitis.   Use lukewarm water. Have the hand the products that you will use (always specific products for animals). Wet the hair of the animal, apply the shampoo and massage it for the to spread the product. Remove the shampoo with water, don’t leave residues. Dry the animal with a towel to remove the excess of water, later use a hair dryer in the lukewarm temperature, maintain the dryer at a distance of 20 cm of the animal to avoid burns. The hair should be dry. 
4 - use a soft brush to brush him every 3 days and to remove the dead hair. 
If the animal long hair: 
5 – before wetting the animal you put cotton in the ear to avoid the entrance of water and a possible otitis.   Use lukewarm water. Have the hand the products that it will use (always specific products for animals). Wet the hair of the animal, apply the shampoo and massage the hair to spread the product. Remove the shampoo with water, don’t leave residues. If it uses some type of conditioning cream or to disentangle.  Remove the cream with water. Dry the animal with a towel to remove the excess of water, use a hair dryer in the lukewarm temperature, maintain the dryer at a distance of 20 cm of the animal to avoid burns. The hair should be dry. 
6 – to disentangle the hair and to undo the knots you use a brush of pins without balls in the point, comb of steel and flowed to disentangle. Divide the hair and brush it. If the brush stop in the middle of the road, open the hair with the hand and try to undo the knot with the fingers. Then pass the metal comb, without pulling. Divide the hair in several parts. 
Never use products with medicine without before to consult a veterinary. 
Vet Therapy 

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July 30, 2011

What is rehabilitation and how it can help your animal

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physiotherapyRehabilitation is the restoration to the normality, or to the closest possible of her, in way and of function altered by some lesion type. That rehabilitation is made through techniques used as the acupuncture, physiotherapy and chiropractic (art of adjusting with the hands the sub-luxation of the articulations of the body).   

The rehabilitation includes the patients’ evaluation with functional limitations, incapacity and/or locomotion difficulties, pain, posture alterations, etc. After that evaluation accomplished by the specialist of the area, the treatment protocol is drawn.   

The animal rehabilitation is used since the decade of 80 in the United States and in Europe and it is usually used as main treatment before the conventional medicines and of the surgery. The animal is only directed for surgery if he doesn’t answer to the rehabilitation, and when submitted to the surgical procedure his recovery is faster, because the rehabilitation improved his physical condition.

The Acupuncture is a technique of stimulation of defined areas in the skin, for needles and/or for transfer of heat for therapeutic ends. It fills out a gap between the medicine and the surgery.  

It is known that the acupuncture affects all of the physiologic systems (normal function of the body), acting from way to take the organism to find his energy balance, doing with that the energy blockades (pain points) they are undone and the energy flows correctly for the body. It is gotten to restore the normal activities of the organs, visceras, members, since, there be not irreversible structural alterations (for instance, paralysis of members for rupture of the marrow espinal).   

It treats problems as paralyses, pain, locomotion difficulties, posture alteration, disk disease or bone alterations, skin problems, behavior problems, etc.    

The Physiotherapy is the treatment of a disease through exercises and apparels. It evaluates, prevents and  treats the movement disturbances. It acts in the most different areas with procedures, techniques, methodologies and specific approaches with the objective of treating, to minimize and to prevent the most varied dysfunctions.     

Many resources exist, as, for instance: the therapeutic ultrassom, laser, stimulation neuromuscular, pulse magnetic field, etc.   

Many problems can be treated as: articulate problems, muscle problems, bone problems, pain, locomotion difficulty, paralyses, muscle atrophies, arthrosis, etc.     

Chiropractic is the art of adjusting with the hands the sub-luxations of the articulations of the body. An exam of palpation of the articulations is accomplished and the articulations that come untidy they are adjusted.  She stimulates the force of the recuperation of the body to cure without the use of medicines or surgery.   

A sub-luxation doesn’t allow the nervous information to flow correctly, therefore when adjusting the body of the animal we are helping the nervous system so that he can recover his functionality, improving the movement of the articulations of the spine and of the extremities of the animal. This improvement of the movement results in muscles, tendons and ligaments more resistant, strong and developed.  

A disadjusted vertebra can cause pain, posture alteration and in the walk, paralyses, aggressiveness, low performance in animals athletes, lameness, etc.   

As it is a specialized treatment, only the specialist of the area can specify the number of sections, treatment type and duration of the treatment.    

The animal seemingly can be recovered, but if it is not totally rehabilitated can happen a relapse or to appear other problems.     

Vet Therapy – Dr. Cynara Campanati

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July 16, 2011

Cancer treatment in cats

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cancer in catsCancer is a common disease in cats, just as in other domestic species and in human beings. 
The experience obtained starting from the human medicine has result in the development of treatments in animals and many used medicines were developed for the human beings’ treatment, however some used in dogs and humans are not appropriate for cats. 
Most of the tumors appears starting from the transformation neoplásica of a single stem cell. Initially the tumors grow quickly, but the growth speed decreases as the size increases. 
The growth fraction constitutes the most important factor than it determines the answer of a tumor to the chemotherapy, because most of the medicines is active just against cells in growth and in division. The ideal period to treat a tumor with chemotherapy is in the beginning of her development course, when the load of tumor is low, the time of duplication is short and the growth fraction is high. The cells in rest inside of a tumor they are also essential, because they form a reservoir protected starting from which a tumor can retire. Therefore, those cells determine the definitive result of the treatment. 
Initially, the tumors are composed of a group of cells reasonably homogeneous, but with successive cellular divisions, genetic mutations that check phenotype properties different in the cells daughters. Therefore, the cellular population of a tumor becomes heterogeneous regarding the characteristics biochemical, morphologic and of answer to the drug. 
Some tumors are resistant to the chemotherapy; for instance, many carcinoma and the malignant melanoma. Big tumors and of slow growth they are also, because of the fraction of low growth. The tumor cells, in the same way can acquire resistance through mutation. 
The theoretical objective of any cancer treatment is to reduce the population of tumor cells to zero. It can be used radical chemotherapy if the intention will cure the tumor. However, in veterinary medicine, it has a balance to be reached between effectiveness and toxicity of the treatment. 
The chemotherapy should be reserved for malignant tumors that knowingly answer to the medicines. It is indicated against disseminated diseases or systemic, as lymphoma, myelona, leukemia. The chemotherapy rarely has value as only treatment of solid tumors, as carcinoma, sarcoma, melanoma, in that case the surgery or radiotherapy would be the first treatment choice. 
Vet Therapy – Dr. Cynara Campanati   

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June 18, 2011

The history of the giant cat

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Maine CoonIt is said that Maine Coon appeared of the crossing among wild cats with raccoons (racoons) . That faith gave him the name of CoonCat or simply Coon. Later, the denomination of the race incorporated the one of his origin area. 

 Diffused in the middle of 1953 by the state of Maine, east of the USA, actually Maine Coon is resulted of the crossing of American cats of short hair with races of for the long ones. 

 The race impresses for the size and affectionate personality. It can get to weigh 10 Kg and to cross that weight when castrated and to be long up to 4 years to reach the adult stature. He possesses more than 60 colors (black, white, cream, ash, brown and combinations among them). 

Imposing and majestic, they present exuberant coat, he needs to groom daily. 

With his spirit hunter, they are outdoors more predisposed the life. He lives together peacefully with other cats, dogs or others encourage, he is an excellent companion. In spite of being big and strong, it is not aggressive. Difficultly it is heard the meow and it is weak as of a nestling. 

The longest cat of the world calls Leo, it weighs 15,8 Kg and it measures the snout to the tail 1,219 meters.  

Vet Therapy – Dr. Cynara Campanati

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June 4, 2011

Canine obesity

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obesity dogThe obesity is the more common nutritional disease in developed societies and it is considered that 25 to 35% of the dogs are with overweight.  
It is responsible for the decrease of the physical capacity of the animal, for associated diseases and, frequently, for painful locomotion. It is resulted of the excess of energy, obtained by the feeding, in relation to the energy expense of the animal. That unbalance can have origin in the own animal, behaviors problems, but also in factors associated to the established handling by the own proprietor. 
Some considerations: 
1 – the weight excess during the growth phase becomes worse progressively. 
2 – it is responsible for the fat infiltration in the organs and for larger effort mechanic of the body. 
3 – dogs with pains accomplish less exercise tends larger tendency to put on weight. 
4 – it affects the psychic well-being of the animal (the lack of movements reduces the social contacts). 
5 – it potentiates possibilities of complications in surgical interventions. 
 Weigh loss program: 
1 – to evaluate the way of interacting with the animal: to adopt other interaction types (to play, to caress, to brush) in substitution to foods in response to requests for attention. 
2 – all of the members of the family should respect the program. 
3 – the weight loss results of the association among the consumption of food with low energy tenor and the increase of the level of physical activity of the dog. 
4 – the division of the daily dose is recommended in 3 or 4 meals, being avoided the hunger sensation. 
5 – the physical exercise, adapted in a gradual way, it stimulates the energy expense and it favors the preservation of the muscular mass. 
6 – it verifies in the ration package the suitable daily amount to the weight and load of the animal. 
Source: CFMV Magazine  
Vet Therapy – Dr. Cynara Campanati 

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May 28, 2011

The domestication of the dog

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dogsIn the domestication process, the dog is inserted in the human conviviality, for that, it is extremely necessary that it is socialized, so that it can interact with human beings in a coherent way and socially it accepts. When being socialized, the dog starts to have a harmonicer relationship with his human family. 
Considering that most of the attacks happens in family contexts and commonly they are addressed people and friends, the socialization becomes a more significant need. Through the socialization process, the dog doesn’t attack a known child when she invades his territory for not identifying her nor as threat, nor as prey. 
The phase of the life that is going from eight to sixteen weeks a critical point is considered in the emotional development of the dogs. In that phase, the dog learns with very more easiness and in a more intense and durable way what is safe or not for him. 
Dogs that until the 16 weeks they don’t have contact with people pass behaving as savages, what turns him unable to learn simple commands of training. 
The process of primary socialization is characterized by the positive presentation to the nestling (8-16 weeks) of all the controllable factors that will be part of his life. Those controlled factors are: people of different ages, toys and objects. 
Source: CFMV Magazine  
Vet Therapy – Dr. Cynara Campanati 

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May 21, 2011

Race X Behavior

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Will it be possible the behavior characteristic, how the aggressiveness, be transmitted for the following generation? 
In the same way that morphologic characteristics can be inherited of last generations, neurophysiological characteristics also can. Therefore, the genetic predisposition for several behavior problems can justify a possible association between aggressiveness and race of the dog. 
Such relationship can be justified with differences in the neurotransmitter levels or in the efficiency of their receivers in the Central Nervous System, favoring, or no, the appearance of problems as aggressiveness or anxiety. 
Some goods associate structural alterations in the brains of aggressive dogs and no aggressive. For instance, there is an increase of the number of receivers for androgenic in the tonsil in aggressive male dogs compared the no aggressive. There is also increase in the number of receivers in the front cortex, hippocampus and thalamu of the aggressive dogs compared to the no aggressive, etc. 
Those aspects, among other, they could find the favorable arguments to the association between race and aggressiveness, however it is not still possible to answer to the question a direct association there are been between aggressiveness and race. 
Source: CFMV Magazine   
Vet Therapy – Dr. Cynara Campanati 

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